Winter is Coming: Keep Your Roof in Top Shape When The Snow Hits!

It's the happiest -- and coldest -- time of the year. While things are quite different nowadays because of the current economic and health conditions, it's still awesome to spend time with the best people in your lives remotely. Thankfully, roofers can now provide their services to homeowners across the country. If you have some existing roofing problems, you can expect snow to aggravate the situation immensely. Here are some major causes of snow-caused roof damages.

Formation of Ice Dams

Ice dams happen when your roof has insufficient heating. You have excellent roofing insulation, but the heat isn't enough to melt the forming snow. Once these rest in place, it will decrease the temperature of one area of the roof. In doing so, ice continues to form on your roof, creating a blockage that traps additional snow, which can pool or pierce your roof due to its immense weight.

Problematic Insulation

Snow can aggravate existing insulation problems. With your heater at maximum, snow entering your compromised insulation will melt, causing damages and possibly expanding the damaged area. To avoid this problem entirely, have a reliable roofer in Clinton Township MI help you inspect and resolve these insulation problems.

Superior Roofs has an excellent list of methods to fix and ready your roof before winter finally goes full speed ahead into the holidays. Read more about it below.

Taking care of the roofing on your house is a very important part of owning and maintaining a home. There are certain things you will have to do on this front each season. With winter approaching, you need to make sure that the following 5 things are handled before the cold weather really sets in.

  1. Get a Professional Checkup

Unless you happen to know a whole lot about roofing, it would be wise for you to get a professional checkup by a roofing company in your area. These checkups can be very helpful for you in handling small problems before they are allowed to become big ones. It will be safer for you to know any of the risks you will be facing as the winter weather comes around.

  1. Clear out Gutters and Drains

With moisture coming down on your house in all forms, it will be important for you to make sure all the water has a place to go. Having water sit on your roof can cause some issues, so you need to be sure that the gutters and drains are all cleared out so you don't run into these problems.

  1. Remove Debris

Branches, garbage, leaves, and other such things can all end up on your roof due to wind and storms. You do not want this debris to get trapped under a layer of snow. The debris can break down and cause mold and other kinds of damage to the shingles on your roof.

  1. Handle Any Needed Patches

When you have a good inspection, you will learn where you might need some patching in the shingles. This is a very simple job when it is done quickly. The sooner you learn where you will need some patching, the better off things will be. Obviously, it is better to handle this work when it is not snowing or freezing outside, so prepare for the winter by having this one as soon as possible. (Continue Reading)

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