Metal Roof vs Shingles -- The Ultimate Face-off 2019

When choosing the materials for a new roof or a roof replacement project, many homeowners get stuck between two choices: metal roof vs shingles. If you have the same dilemma, listen up!

In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of metal roof and asphalt shingles to help you come up with the best possible decision.

metal roof vs shingles for residential roofing

What's a better residential roofing material? Metal roof or shingles?

Did you know? Your roofing structure is arguably the most crucial part of your home. Uh-huh, it’s even more essential than the walls around you and everything within it. As the most exposed surface of your house, the roof shields you, your family, and all that you own against external elements and the adverse effects of inclement weather.

That said, there is perhaps no home problem more disastrous than a failing roof. Should your roofing system fail, everything under it gets compromised – not to mention the expensive consequences you'll have to deal with afterward. This leads us back to the question: Which is better -- a metal roof or a shingle roof?

Metal Roof vs Shingles: Pros and Cons

Well, guess what? This debate between the metal roof and asphalt shingles has been going on for quite a long time now. The discrepancy in opinion and taste in the material can be traced back to the opposing views of architects, builders, homebuyers, and owners in relation – of course – to their individual agendas.

For obvious reasons, architects are likely to go for the material that will best improve the property's curb appeal. Production builders, on the other hand, would go for something that's not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and affordable as well. As for the homeowners and homebuyers, price and budget are their most pressing concerns.

In both cases, both parties often agree that an experienced and well-equipped Clinton Township MI roofing contractor always helps prolong and improve the performance of their roofs.

So, is asphalt shingles or metal roof the better choice? Let’s get the face-off on!

ROUND 1: Aesthetics

When it comes to style and aesthetics, both roofing materials have something unique to bring to the table.

Typically, shingle roofs render the house a more traditional vibe. Nowadays, however, asphalt shingles offer architects and consumers alike more variety, as they are manufactured to mimic some other roofing materials such as slate, wood shakes, and tile. And because asphalt shingles are produced in a selection of colors and finishes, they can complement different looks – from older homes to newer ones.

Now, now, now… Don’t go thinking that metal roof will let this round go without a fight. From its humble corrugated-tin-panel-beginnings, metal roofing has – without a doubt – come a long way. These days, metal is the roofing material of choice for less rustic looks and modern or contemporary residential structures.

Not to be outdone by the variety of asphalt shingles are the different types of metal roofs in the market -- copper, steel, and aluminum among others. Metal roofing is manufactured in a bevy of colors and finishes, and made to recreate other roofing styles such as slate and shakes. There are even metal shingles available for those who can’t choose between the two!

Hmmm… It seems like we have a DRAW in the looks department. Let’s go to round 2!

ROUND 2: Durability

Maybe asphalt shingles should just throw in the white towel for this round because the metal roof clearly owns this.

Yep, you read that right. Metal roofing is the more durable of the two – and that’s according to the experts.

One of the biggest drawbacks of asphalt shingles is that temperature, water, and damp conditions can drastically reduce their lifespan, as algae and fungus growth can cause cracks and severely wear out the structure. Shingle roofs can last anywhere between 15 – 30 years depending on the climate and location of your home.

metal roof for Saint Claire Shores Homes

Metal roofs boast of durability and durability -- lasting for 50 to 70 years.

On the flip side, a metal roof can stand up to pretty much whatever mother nature hurls at it. How long does a metal roof last on a house? Probably around 40 – 70 years. They are said to outlast their warranties which already span 30 – 50 years. Whew!

This is not to say though, that metal roofs are invincible. Just like David to Goliath, extreme hail fall or falling branches can dent the roof structure. If it’s a metal roof you want to go for, take up vulnerability issues when hiring a roofer.

Round 3: Cost

Is metal roof more expensive than a shingle roof? The straightforward answer is yes -- though you might want to consider a few other factors before deciding which is more cost-effective.

Asphalt shingles are cheaper upfront especially when you take into account the hefty price of metal roofing installation. Metal roofs can be three to eight times more expensive to install because it calls for more specialized skills.

The great thing with metal roofing, however, is that you’re bound to recover some of the installation costs along the way. Why? Because you may never have to replace it – ever.

Round 4: Ease of Installation and Repair

There’s no use beating around the bush, so we’ll give this round right away to asphalt shingles.

Unlike metal roofs, asphalt shingle installation and repair don’t require specialized knowledge and skills. An experienced roofing company can install, replace, or repair asphalt shingles with little difficulty.

Metal roof installation, however, demands precision and has little room for errors. Despite talks of how much cheaper DIY metal roof cost, one should never attempt this on their own. Installation mistakes, damages, and accidents may end up costing you more than the services of a professional roofer.

Round 5: Eco-friendliness

If you're looking for more sustainable roofing material, then the metal roof is your best bet! Why? Because they are made up mostly of recycled materials.

Also, the metal roof is the more energy efficient of the two.

Tackling the issue of metal roof vs shingles in cold climate, we can say that metal is good at keeping a place warm, but asphalt shingles are better. Then, begs the question: Is a metal roof cooler than shingles? Oh, yes. Absolutely! In fact, metal is one of the best types of roofing system for the summer months as it keeps the house cool and saves you loads on the AC.

Metal Roof vs Shingles: The Verdict

Finally! It’s time to bring in the verdict.

Evidently, both metal roof and asphalt shingles have their fair share benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, asphalt shingles are reliable, affordable, and easy to maintain. On the other, metal roofs get the props for longevity, durability, and style.

Both materials are excellent options for residential roofing. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which one is better suited to your needs and goals. Of course, the budget is also an essential factor to consider, but keep in mind that when choosing materials for your home, there are more important priorities than the price tag.

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