Why a Metal Roof is a Worthwhile Investment for St Clair Shores Homes This 2019

You've definitely seen many St Clair Shores residences use metal roofs to different extents. Despite using corrugated or the more elegant standing seam metal roofing, one primary reason why a metal roof is a worthwhile investment for these homeowners is its long-term durability.

True enough, a metal roof is worth it despite being quite expensive. New metal roofs can handle multiple hailstorms. In fact, you can have an excellent residential experience for a lifetime with metal roofing.

In this post, you'll have comprehensive metal roofing information to help you make a decision whether to use metal roof coverings or your first material prospect. However, in our experience as Clinton Township MI's finest roofing contractors, we definitely place our full confidence on metal sheet roof and standing seam materials.

Why You Should Consider Using Metal Roofs

  1. Key Considerations to Invest in Premium Roofing (4 items)
  2. Why Metal Roofs are Worthwhile Investments (4 Items)
  3. How to Install Metal Roofs The Quickest, Safest, and Secure Way Possible

Key Considerations to Invest in Premium Roofing

Length of Stay in Home

One re-roofing cycle is about 12-20 years until you replace your roof. If you don't plan on moving to another city or country, then a metal roof is definitely worth your money.

A reason why a metal roof is a worthwhile investment: all materials last beyond 50 years. That's two roofing cycles you'll save up on tear-off and re-roofing procedures. In addition, you evade possible price leaps in traditional St Clair Shores roofing materials in the next decade.

In doing so, you provide your roof with an excellent level of durability and longevity too.

High Residential Property Resale Value

If you do plan to move to another location yet only after two roofing cycles, then re-roofing your metal roof after two roof cycles is a great venture.

Why a metal roof is a worthwhile investment after staying in your home for 40 years: you increase its resale value. Remodeling might seem expensive. However, with an elegant exterior and roofing and improved interior design and fixtures, you can sell it for double the cost of remodeling and your metal roof.

True enough, it's a huge and lengthy venture. However, the returns on investment are definitely worth every effort.

Roof Design Complexity

Nowadays, St Clair Shores' residential roofs are more than just a shed or gable shape. More properties use great hip intersections, skylights, pitch changes, rounded areas, changing slope bends. In fact, there's a huge variety of modern residential roof styles that definitely add flair to any property.

True enough, your traditional asphalt shingle or slate tiles won't make installations easy. In turn, you'll spend greatly on spare materials for errors and additional contractor time.

With metal roofs, you have complete coverage of changing shapes. In fact, manufacturers can fabricate specialty shapes to adapt to your complex roofing shape. Due to this, metal roofs guarantee a secure and airtight seal for virtually every type of unconventional roof shape.

arched metal roof on the front door

Complex roof shapes require materials that can bend and adapt to the shape. Metal roofs are excellent candidates in this aspect

Residence Age

A property with a roof over 40 years requires a re-roofing immediately. True enough, traditional roofing materials such as slate and clay tiles can last beyond 70 years. However, just missing five years of proper maintenance can leave gaps that cause leaks or further interior damage to your roof.

Therefore, if your entire residence is more than 40 years old, it means it missed two re-roofing cycles it is due. If you plan to revitalize and continue living in your property with adequate roofing and exterior protection, investing in metal roofs is definitely the best decision.

Why A Metal Roof is a Worthwhile Investment

Lifespan and Durability

Both corrugated and standing seam metal roof have an estimated lifespan of 50-70 years. All material variants such as galvalumed, galvanized, and aluminum roofing can withstand extreme temperature changes if they had an excellent installation.

Furthermore, additional acrylic coating reduces the possibility of rust and corrosion on galvanized and galvalumed corrugated or standing seam metal roofs. In fact, it adds to the overall property curb appeal too.

elegant standing seam metal roofing with snowmelt

Standing seam metal roofs are highly durable and elegant to look at.

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A Wide Range of Price and Quality

Corrugated metal roofs are affordable yet efficient metal roofing styles. They are galvanized, galvalumed, or aluminum sheets with wedges that direct rainwater towards gutter systems effectively. In addition, they are lightweight and easy to install. They cost about $9-$10 per square foot.

On the other hand, premium standing seam metal roofs are quite expensive. They have a price tag of $11-$16 per square foot. However, they have a dense and heavy property that provides properties superior protection. Furthermore, their design makes them look elegant when you view them from the curb.

Easy to Install and Repair

Contractors install corrugated metal roofs by sheets. In contrast, standing seam metal roofs install by bar or column. However, both are easy to repair and replace.

Metal roofs use a quick-fastening system or a screw system that secures the material in place. In case of an overly rusted roofing sheet or bar, contractors only need to loosen the screws or unfasten the locks and replace them with the same material from a manufacturer. This hastens repair time leaving you with more savings.

Superior Hailstorm Protection

Metal roof have excellent durability. In fact, it can withstand a decent amount of foot traffic despite its slope. While it will leave dents, it guarantees no interior leaks caused by this damage. In fact, pooling water will have little to no detrimental effect on acrylic-coated metal roofs.

Furthermore, these properties make them excellent protection against frequent hailstorms. If you live in a hailstorm-prone area, metal roofs are definitely your best option. True enough, the impacts will be noisy, but having virtually no repair issues by the next day definitely saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

hailstone impacts on a standing seam metal roof system

For metal roofs, hailstone impacts do not do detrimental damage. Therefore, it can withstand several hailstorms without leaving any significant headaches.

How to Install Metal Roofs the Quickest, Safest and Secure Way Possible

Indeed, any homeowner can install metal roofs. However, they'll need to invest money on buying the right equipment to ensure proper measurements and secured installations. In addition, they'll have to spend a year of their weekends or even more to complete the project.

Therefore, a better solution is to work with roofing professionals such as Miller's Home Improvement to help you completely install and maintain your roof. With over 30 years of experience serving properties, we're confident we can give you the best roofing solution possible. Call us today.