Your roof can be an organic or inorganic material that’s susceptible to erosion or corrosion. Asphalt shingle roofs are likely to erode because of strong winds and rains. On the other hand, metal roofing can corrode because of moisture infiltration, steel, and other metals’ natural weakness. Thankfully, you can extend your roof material’s lifespan and performance thanks to high-quality roofing maintenance.

Roofing maintenance cuts back your potential roof repair expenses because your roofers will fix minor problems that can evolve into expensive troubles in the future. Doing this makes for consistent roofing performance and peace of mind.

Truthfully, new roofing materials will always give you the most comfortable roof because it’s sure to function without fail in ten years. After a decade, you’ll notice many problems, such as roof leaks, corrosion or erosion, and expansion and contraction exclusively for metal roofing. With roofing maintenance, your roofers can check and amend small damages, making them essential in assessing post-winter roofing damages and ensuring your roof’s condition against the challenges of winter during the perfect roofing season of autumn.

Build Direct has an excellent post about the advantages of roofing maintenance services in Clinton Township, MI. Learn more about it below.

Think of your roof as the protector of everything in your home. That’s a big job that deserves a lot of respect. Take care of your roof, and it will take care of you and your belongings!

I have a couple of roofing stories to tell to illustrate the importance of regular roof maintenance.

Roof inspection reveals roof replacement

My first house was a summer camp, a 22’ travel trailer with a large living room added onto it. One roof covered the whole thing lean-to style, and the slope was not very steep. I noticed there was no drip edge, so installing one was the first thing I undertook as a new homeowner. It was a small project, and a carpenter friend came over to help me.

The surface of the roof was asphalt roll roofing, not shingles. We pulled up the edge of the roofing to install the drip edge, and the plywood decking was starting to rot. We decided to replace that row of decking, but when we removed more roofing, we noticed it had been patched in a few places. As we removed more and more roofing, we saw the decking was rotting in several places, and my little drip edge project turned into a complete roof replacement! A $50 job became a $500 job!

Can you see how regular inspection and maintenance could prevent a scenario like this?

Roofing is a vital defense against the elements

When I bought the house where I live now, the shingles needed replacing. It was December, though, and nothing could be done about it for months. Our spring winds came and blew off shingles that landed in the backyard. While I was doing some financial finagling to get a new roof, a leak appeared in my bedroom. Then it moved to the west by about four feet. It was dripping on my brand new $8000 oak floor! The roof became the priority when I realized how important its role is. Why fix the inside if water can come running in and ruin your work? (Continued)

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