Birds, raccoons, rats, and mice are small animals that can make themselves a home on your roof. While they appear harmless, they can be the destructive force behind your roof’s deterioration. If you’ve sightings of small animals on your Clinton Township, MI roof, it’s time to call your roofers for help.


The absence of any threat to small animals on your roof encourages habitat safety. The animals will then establish their homes and bring different bacteria, germs, and other viruses on your roof. If they live near your vents, it can mean an increase in indoor air toxicity level.

Destructive Consequences

Raccoons and other territorial small animals can continue to claw and chew against the rubber and eroding roofing components until they can punch through. These destructive actions can cause massive roof underlayment damages, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements.

Difficult To Remove Pests

When they’ve established their families and habitats, it’s difficult to keep small animals away from your roof. You’ll need an exterminator to clear any scent the animals use to detect their homes, such as urine or excretions.

Rooftech Systems has an excellent post on the detrimental damages of small animals on your property. Read more about them below.

Animals can cause a lot of destruction to your home, but at Rooftech Systems Inc, we have ample experience with animal damage roof repair. If bats have infiltrated your attic, squirrels have eaten their way through your soffit, raccoons have broken your gutters or some other critter has caused roofing system damage, we can repair the problem and restore your roof to full functionality.

Signs of Animal Damage

Some animal damage is minor, but if left unrepaired, that minor damage can quickly grow into a major roof rehabilitation project. There are several unhealthy, unsightly and unsafe hazards that can come from animal damage, including:

Water damage.

If raccoons, squirrels or any other animals rip holes in your roof, water can seep through your roof system and into your attic and home. All that water can cause extensive damage to your ceilings, walls, floors and other areas.

Animal waste.

Feces left behind by invasive bats, raccoons, squirrels or other animals can accumulate inside your roofing system and attic. This fecal waste can expose your household to unhealthy contaminants and make for an unwelcome mess.

Broken soffits.

Raccoons and other heavy animals can knock the soffits right off of your home, allowing them access to your attic. That missing soffit can help other animals and environmental elements get into your home to cause even more deterioration.

Mold growth. Water entering your home through holes caused by animals can also promote the growth of hazardous mold. That mold can expose you, your family and your guests to unhealthy air quality and potentially dangerous health conditions. (Continued)

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