What’s the Right House Roof Design for Your St Clair Shores Property?

“I want a house roof design that’s simple and charming… or what about a contemporary house roof design that stands out?” We often encounter new homeowners in St Clair Shores having these vague thoughts when planning out their roofs.

Knowing the proper name of a roof style is an important step towards achieving a successful roofing project. Today’s roofing industry offers tons of unique options to help you get the house of your dreams.

As veteran and efficient roofers in Clinton Township MI, we will be sharing a list of 8 effective and noteworthy roofing styles we have used for our clients in the past . These range from simple roofing designs to the latest roofing designs. Read on to discover your best roof.

8 House Roof Design Ideas to Inspire Your Project

1. Simple Hip Roof

A hip roof (also termed as a “hipped roof”) is a type of roof shape in which the slopes meet the walls of a house. Hip roofs used to be popular in Italy. But today, you’ll find them on many homes in the United States.

People often make comparisons between hip roofs and gable roofs. Between the two, hip roofs are better suited to face strong winds and hurricanes. This is because hip roofs have no flat surface.

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2. Flat Roof

huge white modern apartment with flat roofing

A flat roof house design gives your property a modern feel.

If you’re looking for an affordable house roof design, choose a flat roof. Flat roofs are known to be cost-effective in that they involve fewer materials and are easier to build. They don’t take a lot of time to construct.

To clarify a common misconception, flat roofs are not completely flat. Qualified roofing contractors give a slight slope to them to ensure that rainwater slides off the roof. That way, homeowners avoid ponding water and leak issues.

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3. Dome Roof

A dome roof is what you like it looks like -- a dome! People who want a truly unique design would choose a dome-shaped roof. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, dome roofs are known to be extremely durable. For example, Newgrange, a 5,200-year-old Stone Age monument built by Stone Age farmers in Ireland, still stands up to this day. This structure is shaped like a dome.

4. Hexagon Gazebo Roof

This roof design is a popular choice for outdoor gazebos. But if you use it for your home roof, it becomes a focal point. Its six triangular sides add charm to plain looking houses.

We have to tell you though that this a hexagonal house roof design can be quite complex to build. The various angles that contractors have to deal with, make them prone to carpentry errors. If you want this unique shape, be sure to hire an experienced roofer.

5. Gambrel Roof

barn house with mountains in background

Gambrel roofs are not only for barn houses. You can have them for your home if you want a bigger loft area.

Out of the various house roof designs, the gambrel style is the one that boasts of a historical feel. Gambrel roofs are commonly found on hhistoric barns. You will find the oldest existing gambrel roof at Harvard University. We’re referring to their second Harvard Hall which was built in 1677.

A gambrel roof can be the best house roof design for people who want big loft spaces. So if you think of achieving a more spacious upper floor to accommodate a bedroom or storage area, choose gambrel. Don’t forget that this roof shape is also stylish!

6. Parapet Roof

First time to hear of a parapet roof? This roof design plan is being introduced for safety purposes. A parapet roof is simply a flat roof with the walls of your house extending past the roof. If you look at most modern houses with parapet roofs, you won’t be able to notice the design because the extended walls are made to appear like the edges of the flat roofs.

Parapet roofs benefit homeowners in many ways. One of their strong points is that they offer superior fire protection. The walls that slightly exceed the roof protect the roofing membrane from catching fire. Such flat roof house design also prevents wind damage.

7. Curved Roof

Here’s another exterior house roof design that’s primarily intended for aesthetic purposes: a curved roof. A curved roof will surely make your St Clair Shores residence stand out because of its interesting shape.

When it comes to keeping your home cool especially during summer, curved roofs make good choices. The curved shape helps reduce heat transmission into your home. The downside with this roof shape is that you have limited choices of roofing materials. You cannot install slate tiles or concrete tiles. Metal is a good material to install.

8. Lean-To Roof

lean to roof of colorful apartment building

A lean-to roof has a single slope. It has a simplistic design and is affordable.

A lean to roof house design is also called shed or skillion. As one would guess, a lean-to roof is typical on sheds. But nowadays, homeowners consider it because of its affordability and simplicity. Shed roofs have only one slope, and this makes water drainage easy. That said, you’re less likely to experience roof leak issues. The steeper the shed roof, the better.

Aside from these benefits, shed roofs are also easy to construct. And yes, they make good candidates for roof remodeling projects which we, Miller’s Home Improvement, offer.

You Need a Proven Roofing Company to Construct Your Dream Roof Design

So… do you have a prospective roof design for your home already? We hope so. Regardless, Miller’s Home Improvement is here to turn your dream into a reality.

Miller’s Home Improvement knows how roof design affects curb appeal, your budget, and peace of mind. If you’re looking for a qualified roofing contractor, we offer our residential roofing services. We can tear-off your old roof and remodel it to achieve your desired roof shape.

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