You haven’t saved enough, but you need to sell your property soon. You decide that by changing your roof, it can have a better appeal than before, especially with homebuyers. It’s easy to pick an affordable, nameless set of asphalt shingles for the job, but you can sell your house at a high value by balancing both aesthetics and functionality efficiently.

Homebuyers Visit Because of Your Roof

If you’re looking through Corpus Christi TX real estate for sale, you’ll notice the tremendous effort level they’ve put into rebuilding and enhancing the roof. Its appeal matters because roofs are prominent and permanent. Plus, they protect you against an enormous number of elemental dangers and environmental hazards.

Functionality Matters Greatly

Things over the hood do matter, but they matter just as equally as things underneath. Your roofing underlayment must be as solid as the protective asphalt shingles or metal roofing you’ve had dependable Corpus Christi TX roofers install on your roof. With solid roof functionality, you’ve got everything you need zeroing in to raise its value. But…

Curb Appeal Raises Property Value

Back to discussing aesthetics, we’ve seen properties undergo complete roof replacements and yield a 20-30% increase in appraisal value. Truthfully, that’s a huge profit for any home flipping work.

Redfin has a great post detailing the best thought process to go through when balancing roof expenses and possible replacements. Read more about it below.

A rooftop in serious disrepair can be costly to fix and ranks pretty low on the list of “fun things to spend your money on” for any homeowner. Because a major rooftop repair can cost thousands of dollars, it easily becomes a negotiating point in a home sale. Savvy sellers know that if they don’t fix their roof (and it needs it), buyers will expect to pay less; however, there are only a few types of renovations that reliably earn every dollar back when the home does sell. This year, Remodeling Magazine reports that return on investment for a roof replacement averages 53.4% for a full replacement and 61.7% for a minor rehab.

So, how do I decide?

Your best bet is to figure out where you stand by taking stock of your home, the current market, and nearby sales activity. As with any major system in your home (electrical, plumbing, appliances, etc.), you should know everything you possibly can before listing your home for sale. Get an inspection from a local service provider before listing your home to get a clear picture of what might be an issue for potential buyers (and lenders, if there’s financing involved). If the inspection reveals there are potential issues with the roof — from minor to major — then you need to ask yourself a few more questions. (See more about what fixes are mandatory after a home inspection.)

What’s the damage?

If your inspection reveals there are issues with the roof, bring in an expert to tell you how much repairs will cost. Costs can vary by provider, so it’s best to talk to two or three local roofing specialists to get a range of quotes. Knowing the cost will tell you if you can afford to take action, but also how much is reasonable to adjust the sales price by if you choose to do nothing and it factors into a buyer’s negotiation over final price. (Continued)

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