Roofing inspections are an important part of roofing installation, repairs, and replacements. Without them, professional Clinton Township MI roofers will find it difficult to fix small issues that can evolve into big, devastating problems in the future. However, are experienced roofers the only reliable groups you can depend on when it comes to inspections? Is having a ladder and heading up to your roof enough?

Inspections use more than just a roofers’ sets of eyes to check for possible material tear or poor securing of fasteners. Thermal viewing devices allow roofers to see possible wind drafts entering your attic. Special hose and high-pressure water techniques allow you to see whether cooler or hotter material temperature can dislodge tightly-screwed fasteners on metal roofs.

When it comes to roofing inspections, here are some few things you should know about.

Before and After Property Sale

Roofing inspections aren’t just handy right after a roofing installation. In fact, many contractors perform inspections upon a homebuyer’s request. They can inspect the roofing condition of a new or remodeled property. In addition, they can perform roof inspections and perform repairs and replacements right after you buy a used property for remodeling.

Star Tribune’s Reuben Saltzman talks about how they perform roofing inspections. While this is informative — and you can use it to your advantage when hiring professional roofers for inspection — never attempt to do these on your own.

New construction roofs are not impervious to installation defects. The most common issue we find with new roof installations is improper shingle nailing. When nails are overdriven, driven at an angle, or located too high on the shingles, it’s a defective installation. The photos below show overdriven nails on new construction homes. I have dozens, maybe hundreds of these, but they’re all pretty repetitive.

When I find a roof with overdriven nails, I recommend having the roof covering replaced, or getting a letter from the roofing manufacturer saying that these installation defects will not void the warranty. I’ve never seen that letter sent out from a manufacturer before, but I have seen full tear-offs and replacements. The photo below shows new shingles delivered on top of the existing roof that was only a week or two old. The home buyer sent me this photo to show that the builder was making good with their defective installation. (Continued)

Can You Use Roofing Inspection For Roofing Maintenance?

Truth be told, roofing inspection is an important part of maintenance. Roofers will perform the same method of advanced inspections and non-eye reliant observations to make sure your roof has every bearing, screw, fastener, and other important life-prolonging parts and fittings right where they’re needed.


Any roofing contractor worth their salt will tell you to have roofing maintenance twice a year. However, you’ll need regular monthly roofing inspections (which are free of charge with Miller’s Home Improvements and other dependable roofers) to ascertain whether roofing maintenance is needed. Fortunately, you only need to reserve one weekend to complete a roof inspection and possibly another to perform the maintenance.


If you have yet to find a dependable roofing company in Clinton Township MI, you can count on Miller’s Home Improvements to get you through what you need. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!