You’d definitely want to know how you can repair a DIY commercial roof on your own in Clinton Township MI. In fact, you’re already thinking about the savings you can have from labor. With the building maintenance expenses, a DIY process effective enough to prolong your commercial roof’s lifespan is always welcome.

While we will try to explain the DIY commercial roof process to you, we highly advise you still consider working with reputable and greatly-reliable Clinton Township MI roofers. It takes much time to perform a commercial roofing repair. In addition, you’ll need to have specialized flat roofing repair and installation equipment to perform them effectively.

Here are three ways how you can repair a DIY commercial roof on your own.

Proper Clearing of Everything Hampering

Inspect your roof and mark every blister you see. Make sure to look closely on the surface. It’s easy to miss micro-blisters. If left unattended, these can grow into bigger and unmanageable blisters that can shorten and ultimately end your flat roof’s lifespan.

Central Roofing Solutions has an excellent guide on clearing blisters, excess water, and other debris from your roof. Read more about it below.

Remove the Blisters

To mend a roofing blister, slice the damaged area up to the middle part. Make sure you do not reach the roofing felt beneath it. Lift up the sliced parts.

Remove Excess Water

Check if there is water lying around. Squeeze out water by soaking it up using cloths or rags. Let the area dry out before you proceed.

Fill-in Cement

Using roof cement, fill in the scraped-off areas as well as its surrounding areas. Spread a thick coating of cement to patch any uneven surface caused by the damage. (Source)

Filling In The Necessary Gaps

Plastic roofing cement is a useful substance essential in knowing how to repair a DIY commercial roof on your own. Also known as asphalt plastic or flashing cement, it creates a solid barrier against moisture and helps fill in cracks and leaks. E-How has a great description on how to apply it on your flat roof’s cracks below.


Before applying plastic roofing cement, the surface must be clean and dry. Old patches of roof cement should be removed and rust should be cleaned from metal surfaces. Concrete, masonry and other absorbent surfaces may need a coat of primer before application. This surface preparation ensures that the cement has the ideal surface to bond to.

Plastic roofing cement is purchased in a can or bucket-like container and is spread onto the roof using a trowel. It may also be applied using a caulking gun when sealing tears or when sealing hard-to-reach areas. When applied this way, the cement is then smoothed using a putty knife to provide optimal leak protection and a cleaner finish.


Holes, cracks and tears on composition, styrene butadiene styrene modified, asphalt and metal roofs can be repaired and sealed with plastic roof cement. It is also used to seal gaps around flashing, vents, skylights, chimneys and the joints along metal edgings and gutters. Plastic roofing cement may be used as an adhesive as well for bituminous base flashings and to seal cracks in below-grade exterior walls and foundations.


Because your roof must endure extreme weather conditions, coatings applied to it will wear over time. Plastic roofing cement is designed to avoid cracking in cold weather and to resist melting in high temperatures, but like most roofing materials, it can deteriorate and its waterproofing ability weakens over time. For this reason, you should inspect roof joints and seals periodically and reapply cement in areas that show cracking or wear to prevent leaks. (Read More)

Performing Post-Roofing Inspections

Now, you’ve learned how to repair a DIY commercial roof on your own, you can leave the inspections to professional Clinton Township MI roofers. Most roofers provide no-cost inspections to evaluate the state of your roof. They can do the same for your newly-repaired flat roofs.

If you’re looking for reliable roofers in Clinton Township MI, you can count on Miller’s Home Improvement to help you. With decades of experience and hundreds of happy homeowners and commercial property owners, we always guarantee exceptional results for all your roofing needs.