Real estate appraisers find the roof of any property as a significant value contributor. In this light, choosing the best residential roof types is essential for any homeowner. In doing so, the curb appeal and durability of their home improves.

This 2019, St Clair residencies can increase their property value through roof replacement. However, they must choose the right roofing material that brings out the potential of their home in all aspects as well as employing experienced and well-regarded roofing contractors in Clinton Township MI to assure the lifespan and durability of their roof.

Best Residential Roof Types:

  • Why Your Roof Style Matters (3 Items)
  • Best Residential Roof Types for 2019 (5 Items)

Why Your Roof Style Matters

Different types of roof covering materials are out in the market. Each of these types of roof materials offers different aesthetic value and property durability. True enough, it will make choosing the best roofing material difficult.

Your roof style helps in making your decision among the best residential roof types. All properties have distinct types of roof construction. Upon construction, they will provide the following enhancements to your home.

Improved Curb Appeal

A roof style is the shape or design of your roof. Most St Clair Shores properties use a gable, hip-and-valley or cross-gable roof style. Asphalt shingles or clay tiles are the go-to materials for these two common roof styles.

However, corrugated metal roofs will reduce the curb appeal of a gable or cross-gable roof. On the other hand, distinct artisan roof shapes such as butterfly or combination roof styles fare excellently with corrugated metal roofs.

These steel corrugates are lightweight. Artisan roof shapes need light material and malleability to achieve their look. Therefore, the roofing style plays a huge role in unlocking the full potential and curb appeal of a roof.

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Extended Roof Lifespan and Durability

Modern high and low slope roofs manage extreme weather excellently thanks to efficient gutter systems. However, the roof style still plays a huge role in gutter system development.

Indeed, an excellent gutter system prolongs the lifespan, durability and performance of any roof. Choosing the right roof material types helps extend this protection and capability.

For example, asphalt shingles on gable roofs guarantee 20-30 years of excellent roof lifespan. However, using clay tiles will extend the gable roof lifespan up to 70 years or beyond.

However, you cannot use both asphalt shingles and clay tiles on low-slope roofing. Alternatively, durable single-ply roofing materials offer almost the same level of material durability for low-slope residential properties.

low slope residential roofing

There are materials that only high-sloped and low-sloped roof properties can use respectively.

Increases The Value of Your Property

A durable and stylish roof is every homeowner’s dream. Fulfilling this dream guarantees a long-term and beautiful property.

In addition, real estate appraisers find beautiful and well-maintained roofing materials with distinct roof shapes a huge property value booster in all cases.

It is for this reason aging ancestral homes for sale remodel their roofs with architectural shingles or a durable yet stylish roofing material. In addition, the material must complement the style of the roof.

Therefore, using architectural shingles or clay tiles on cross-gable, combination, or even simple clerestory roofs have a significant effect on property value.

Of course, you’ll need to save up because a long-term and durable roof is often expensive. However, it is often rewarding when you finally have the roof you need.

combination residential roof using architectural shingles

Architectural shingles give a unique appeal to combination roofed residential properties.

Best Residential Roof Types for 2019

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles make any home stand out. In fact, it is one of the best residential roof types for rehabilitating aging St Clair Shores properties without breaking the bank.

These roof shingles cost twice a single asphalt shingle square foot. Architectural shingles cost about $10-$14 per square foot. In turn, a single architectural roof square cost about $100-$140.

However, you definitely get what you pay for. Architectural shingles give your roof a sophisticated and brand-new feel. If you perform exterior residential improvements, you will bring out the natural architectural shingle roof beauty that increases your property value immensely.

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architectural shingle roof under construction

Architectural shingles can last decades more than asphalt shingles. They can revitalize the appearance and look of any aging ancestral home.

Metal Roofing

Earlier, we mentioned that corrugated metal roofs make plain roof styles look too plain or absorbed by its environment. This brings us to the question “how can we make plain or common roof styles stand out with metal?”

The answer: use galvanized, galvalumed, aluminum, or copper roofing. Furthermore, standing seam metal roofing will make gable and cross-gabled roofs look amazing.

A small note on copper: it isn’t a durable roofing material. It is too malleable and prone to discoloration and color leaks. However, they make for excellent accents that add to the sophistication and value of any residential property.

blue standing seam metal roofing

Standing seam metal roofs make common roof shapes such as gable, hip-and-valley, and cross-gabled roofs stand out than corrugated metal roofing.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Having a grainy look on regular roof styles is an advantage. To achieve this, use wood shingles and shakes.

Hand or machine-cut shingles and shakes add a distinct aesthetic for any roof shape. However, modern production gives wood shingles and shakes improved lifespan and durability.

Most manufacturers include additives that enhance the look and durability of these roofing materials. In fact, some offer aesthetically-enhanced variants. For example, some manufacturers imprint the look of slate or clay tiles on wood shakes.

In turn, homeowners receive the slate or clay tile aesthetic while benefitting from wood shingles and shake durability at the same time. The unique yet attractive pattern will greatly increase the value of any property.

Slate Roofs

These naturally-occurring rocks are uncommon in urban and most rural areas. This explains their high price of $15-$17 per square foot. However, slate roofs still rank highly in 2019 for a number of reasons.

First, they are extremely durable and have a lengthy lifespan. Slate tiles can last 70 years and more with effective maintenance. In fact, they can handle adequate foot traffic levels.

Second, no homeowner can deny the amazing curb appeal of slate. Properties with slate roofs have a distinct appeal that combines a traditional and modern appeal at the same time.

Clay Tiles

Similar to slate tiles, clay tiles remain as part of the best residential roof types list. Castles and other Middle Ages structures are solid proof these roofing materials have excellent durability and long-term lifespan.

However, clay tiles are expensive at $17-$18 per square foot. Furthermore, they have limited foot traffic resistance. Stepping on a clay tile is enough to induce a crack or even break them apart.

On the other hand, they have excellent rain, snow, and hailstorm resistance. They’re easy to repair and introduce an excellent and unmistakable Mediterranean feel.

Wrapping Up

If you’re planning to conduct roof replacements or put up your new property this year, these five excellent roofing materials will raise your property values and improve your overall curb appeal too!

In case you haven’t found a trustworthy contractor that guarantees an excellent and roof life-extending installation, you can trust us at Miller’s Home Improvement to help you with your roofing needs. Whether it’s a full roof installation, replacement, or repair, we can definitely help you with anything residential roofing!