Imagine you’re breezing through the spring after the most brutal winter in history. You consider it a miracle your roof hasn’t fallen over your head even during the first rains of summer. Unfortunately, a strong rainstorm just did a number enough to poke a hole through your roof. Now, you need to repair a small patch of roofing material, and you’re scared of the roof repair costs you’ll be facing.

Fortunately, roof repair costs in Clinton Township MI are similar as the US average costs in both materials and labor. According to, roof repair costs for leaks in the area have whole-figure approximate. However, just like all estimates, take this with a grain of salt when budgeting for the materials and services.

How Much Will We Pay for Roof Repair Costs for Leaks?

Extent of damage

If your roof is too badly damaged, it may be useless to try to spot-repair the leaks and other issues. To ensure the structural safety of your home and prevent the need for additional repairs, it can be simpler to just replace the entire roof. The replacement of the roof costs an average of $6000.


A roofing contractor will usually charge around $3 per square foot for a leak repair project, or $45-$75 per hour. Roof leak repairs usually take one to two days (8-16 labor hours – $360-$1200) to complete.

Material costs are sometimes included in the package quote you receive from your roofer, but they can be charged separately as well. To repair a 10’x10′ area, average material costs are as follows: (See materials chart here)

It’s possible the storm was too severe and your roof suffered major damages. As a result, you’re not considering roof repair costs estimates anymore. You’ll want to know how much does a roof replacement cost in Clinton Township MI.

If you’ve found great and exemplary roofers in Clinton Township MI, you’ll definitely save plenty of money in both roof repair costs and replacements. However, if you’re still looking around for dependable roofers you can work with, check out Thumbtack‘s estimates to help you make an accurate roof replacement budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace My Entire Roof?

National average prices for a roof replacement can range from $260 to $700 per square depending on roofing material used. The total costs for roof replacement will vary depending on size and roof type.

If your old roof simply needs repair, you may be able to have someone help you out for as low as $150 to $350 for asphalt shingle repair, or $350 to $1000 for tile and metal roof repair. Shingles are sold in bundles, and can range from $60 to $100 for asphalt, and $400 to $1500 for copper. Installed roofing is measured and priced in “squares,” or 100 square foot blocks. (Continued)

Nowadays, many roofers are touting roof recovery as a better solution than roof replacement. It’s faster and more affordable. However, some unscrupulous roofers (who might not even do the work right) claim all roof types in any condition can benefit from a fast and affordable roof recovery.

Before you decide on having roof recovery, we highly recommend you read Best Roofing‘s great post on when to use roof recovery and replacement below.

When Should I Have My Roof Recovered or Replaced?

The performance of the membrane in a roof recover option will be only as good as the substrate. Therefore roof recover should never be undertaken where the existing roof, insulation or deck is known to be unsound.

A roof recover should not be done over an existing wet roof or roof containing wet insulation. While surface moisture can be easily detected and dried, the detection of moisture in the insulation will require the use of non-destructive testing such as infrared thermography. Wet areas should be replaced with dry insulation before a roof recover is carried out. The cost of such replacement should be included in the contractor’s price. If the amount of wet insulation is excessive, it may be cost effective to replace the whole roof. (Continued)


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