In some cases, your experienced and reputable Clinton Township MI roofers will suggest to perform a roof overlay install rather than a full roof replacement. As a discerning and involved property owner with no idea about roof overlay install procedures, you’re often told it saves money and still provides excellent results similar to re-roofing or tearing off your old and replacing it with a new roof.

If you think about it, a roof overlay install will save you time. Contractors won’t have to bring heavy equipment to remove and take away the roof tear-off debris. You’ll only have to deal with purchasing the material. Danger risks are low because your old roof, while having poor material performance, remains a stable platform. McElroy Metal has a great list of advantages roof overlay install procedures can provide.

Why Have a Roof Overlay Install?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing to overlay a roof rather than tear-off and replace it is that recovering avoids all of the costs and risks of removing an existing roof.

There are significant labor costs associated with removing a roof. Not only do these costs include the actual labor, but there is also considerable downtime to the business when a roof is removed. Also, there are more risks associated with removing a roof as working over open framing is inherently more risky than working on a stable surface.

Additional costs that can sometimes be overlooked also include disposal costs as disposing of most roofs will require additional fees associated with removal. If the original roof was an asphalt shingle roof, there would typically be landfill fees, and if it was a recyclable material, then there will be labor and transportation fees for moving it to a recycling center. (Continued)

For commercial and residential properties, roof tear-off and replacements are common. However, most find it more expensive because roofers will spend more time removing the old Clinton Township MI roof, which adds to labor costs. On the other hand, it does bring with it great benefits just for you.

For one, a roof tear-off allows roofers to check the condition of your roof deck or underlay. In addition, you won’t need to construct additional joists to support the weight of the roof overlay install. If you’d like to know more, Knockout Roofing has a great list of roof tear-off advantages you should definitely consider having aside from roof overlay install procedures.

Why Do Re-Roofing Rather Than a Roof Overlay Install?

No. 1: Roof Deck Damage

How long ago was your existing roof system installed? If you’re like most Utah homeowners, it’s been decades – and after all that time, the deck may have dry rot, mold or water damage. Doing a complete tear-off is the only way to reveal if the deck needs repair. Choose an overlay instead, and unseen damage won’t be evident until your home springs a roof leak.

No. 2: Weight Load

With an overlay, you’re adding quite a bit of weight at the top of your home – roofing shingles are heavy! If your northern Utah home is older, it may not be able to handle the additional load. Go with a complete roofing tear-off, and you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your new roof.

No. 3: Durability

Since a complete tear-off replaces the entire roof system, this option offers the longest-lasting results. Professional roofers can install new flashings and add support in high-risk areas, ensuring that your home remains leak-free and secure for many years to come. Roofing overlays aren’t nearly as durable. (Continued)

Here is one topic that commercial and residential property owners often forget: existing home insurance. Both a re-roofing and roof overlay install can invalidate or reduce the benefits you’ll receive from your existing roof-exclusive or general property insurance.

This is fair on behalf of insurers. A re-roofing voids the old roofs existence — the basis of their primary premiums. A roof overlay install adds further damage risks and does not leave the old roof in its earliest condition. Wise Insurance Group has an informative post about the insurance risks posed by both re-roofing and roof overlay install.

Re-Roofing and Roof Overlay Install Insurance Issues

Some home insurance companies will write a multiple layer or overlay roof, although many will not. Those that don’t typically don’t for two reasons; cost and weight.

Cost: Every home insurance company which writes policies in north Texas can tell you the average cost to replace a roof that’s been damaged by hail. It’s one of the top five claims after all. Factored into the replacement cost of the roof is the labor cost and the disposal cost (the cost to dispose of the shingles in our area landfills). In both cases, more layers means a more costly roof claim. (Continued)

Despite which process you choose for your commercial or residential property, it’s essential to work with the best roofers in Clinton Township MI. If you have yet to find a dependable roofer, you can count on Miller’s Home Improvements. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!