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Attic Ventilation

Many homes across the country use attics as a repository of forgotten items or things they no longer use. This space between the ceiling and the pitched roof of the property is less frequently occupied compared to other rooms in the house. Unfortunately, the rare visits lead some homeowners to neglect the conditions of their attic.

Aside from general roofing services, Miller’s Home Improvement inspects and provides attic ventilation and mold-clearing services to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof and overall property.

Why Does Your Home Need Sufficient Attic Ventilation?

Nothing is scarier for children than an attic. However, homeowners must always be concerned with their attics. With insufficient ventilation, hot air remains trapped in attics during winter, leading to condensation-made moisture. Where there’s moisture, mold and fungi growth is highly likely to grow and eat away at the roof’s foundations shortening the lifespan of your roof and the entire house.


Expels Hot Air Even During Winter

With properly-installed soffit vents across the slope underside of a home’s roof, cold air will enter and stabilize the temperature of the attic preventing the growth of any foundation-degrading mold and fungi.

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Saves Money On Utilities

By exhausting hot air, HVAC systems need not to work so hard. You save more money by lowering the thermostat on your HVAC.

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Prevents Shingle-Damaging Heat

Imagine your attic as an oven. Any ice you place on top of a highly-heated oven melts. Asphalt shingles will have shorter lifespan due to an oven-hot, poorly-ventilated attic.

Trust Miller’s Home Improvement For Your Attic Ventilation Needs

Our company has been servicing homes across Michigan for 30 years. We provide services beyond basic roofing repairs, replacement, and installation with complete attic ventilation improvements. Miller’s Home Improvement is confident its teams will satisfy your need for a better-ventilated attic.

Choose Miller’s Home Improvement

Miller’s Home Improvement installs torch down roofing on modern homes and buildings. Here are the best reasons to hire our company:

Thorough Attic and Roof Inspections

Upon consulting with us free of charge, we do not only examine the condition of your roof. We will ask to access your attic and check its ventilation. Part of our service is to check and clear any presence of mold and install soffit vents at proper areas to improve attic ventilation.

Adaptable Tried-and-Tested Solutions

Over the decades servicing homes across Michigan, our teams’ experiences and knowledge continues only to grow. They are capable of adapting to any service situation and resoling all problems arising at any moment before each project ends.

Labor and Materials Under Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in our work. Miller’s Home Improvement provides a 50-year warranty on all projects we undertake. That’s separate from the lifetime warranties you get from the materials we use.

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