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Troy’s beautiful city with over 30,000 households has a shifting weather condition. During summer, it could get warm. While on winters, expect that it is freezing and windy. Generally, it is partly cloudy in Troy all year round. Although this kind of climate is acceptable, there are negative implications.

Due to the everchanging weather, your residential property or commercial building has to be weather-proof starting from the outer part. The siding is an important exterior element to keep rainwater and moisture from penetrating the interior.

For all kinds of siding Troy needs and requirements, look no further. Let professionals from Miller’s Home Improvement handle them with guaranteed client satisfaction.

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Miller’s Home Improvement has been the leading siding construction company in the state of Michigan for over three long decades. Armed with an unbeatable experience, our number goal is to beautify homes and buildings through siding projects that are safe, durable, and most of all water-tight.

Premier Siding Services

Through the years, we have helped countless Troy homeowners and business owners to build and maintain an exterior siding that is not only visually pleasing but also equally tough.

You can count on our team to give you the ultimate siding solutions when it comes to inspection, maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement. Our personalized approach to siding will make sure that all your needs as a client are met.

Top 3 Benefits of Proper Siding Installation

Apart from longevity, a siding installed by experts have several benefits that both residential and commercial property owner will enjoy for a long period of time.

Adds to your property’s curb appeal

Prevents serious structural damage

Increases energy efficiency

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Reasonable Pricing (no hidden charges)

Responsive Customer Service

Emergency Response System

Top-rated Siding Manufacturers

Life-Long Warranties

State-of-the-Art Equipment, Products, and Services

Highly Skilled and Well-Trained Workers

Complete Business Licenses and Permits

Full Insurance Coverage

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