Roofing Scams: The Insurance Deductible Scam

Scammers would do anything to dupe anyone and make easy money. Offering free roofs is one of the newest effective strategies they employ. An unsuspecting homeowner may also become an accomplice without their knowledge in this roofing scam. Learn more about it below.

The Works

The unscrupulous roofing company would ask to handle all your paperwork. They would also mention they would discount the homeowner's deductible, serving as the pay for labor and the roofing material. The money would come from the combined bill for the roof replacement cost with the homeowner's deductible included.

Homeowner Implications

Homeowners who agree to get a "free" roof and let the roofer file the deductible in their roof replacement costing to the insurance company would be guilty of being accomplices to fraud. Legal cases pertaining to these include insurance fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Poor Workmanship

Scammy roofers are problematic on all fronts. Even if they don't offer you a free roof, they would ask for a complete payment of services upfront. They may also do the work on the appointed day lacking in liability insurance, workman's compensation, and certifications from manufacturers.

Learn more about insurance deductible scams masquerading as free roofs in this post from Divided Sky Roofing & Solar.

A free roof probably sounds too good to be true, and the truth is – it is. If a roofer advertises or offers a free roof, this is insurance fraud and you as a homeowner can end up getting punished for a dishonest roofer’s fraud. There are a few ways roofing scams may be presented to homeowners:

  • A roofer might offer to pay your deductible
  • They may suggest inflating your insurance invoice to cover the deductible
  • Or they might advertise deductible reimbursement

All of the tactics used above violate state law and as a homeowner you can be found guilty of insurance fraud if you are a part of this type of scam. Many roofers that engage in the free roof scam will also leave you with an incomplete or incorrectly installed roof when they leave town.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From The Free Roof Scam

The best way to protect yourself from roofing scams is to work with a recommended, professional roofer. Reputable roofers will ensure that your roof is repaired or installed correctly and legally. Below are a few warning signs to watch for when being contacted by a roofing company you don’t know, especially one that isn’t local or that you’ve never heard of.

Unsolicited Approach

Beware roofers approaching you about your roof when you have not reached out to one, such as:

Roofers handing out fliers door to door after a storm. Some scammers try to take advantage of homeowners by following storms around the state looking for opportunities to get away with a free roof scam. These scammers will often do this throughout an entire neighborhood that’s been recently hit by a storm and leave town after their scam is complete so they cannot be easily found and held accountable.

Roofers rushing you into signing a contract. Do not sign two different contracts. Check with the Better Business Bureau and find out if the company has any complaints against them. Ask the roofers for references that are in your community, check their license, and make sure they have valid insurance to do the job.

Unusual Prices

If you are quoted an unusually low bid, beware that it may be too much of a good thing. (Continue reading here to learn more).

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