Preparing for Winter Roof Issues

Winter is one of the most challenging times for your roof. The sub-zero temperatures can cause your asphalt shingles to contract and loosen its adhesive joints. When this happens, your roof will deteriorate and age faster, leaving your home vulnerable to damage from the elements.

Preparing for winter roof issues helps you avoid many issues that could put it beyond repairing. For instance, condensation can happen during winter if your roof has poor ventilation. Having this checked and improved by your local roofer can prevent moisture buildup that can cause mold growth and eat away at the wooden components of your attic.

Another winter issue is ice dams. These happen when the roof has unequal temperature on its surface due to poor insulation and ventilation. Improving airflow prevents ice dams from forming and damaging your roof.

If you see leaks from your skylights or chimneys, you might have flashing leaks. Flashing are small metal strips installed around your roof structures like chimneys, vents, pipes, and roof edges. The freezing and thawing process common in winter can accelerate corrosion. 

Cenvar Roofing has a great list of winter roofing preparations and solutions to ensure your roof survives throughout the season.

The falling leaves and cooler weather are two subtle signs that winter is coming. You pull out your snow boots, break out the festive decor, and rake the leaves before a snowfall to ensure that your home and family are ready for winter, but one thing that needs to be prioritized is winterizing your roof. 

Your roof is the barrier that stands between your family and the harsh weather, so you want to make sure that it is functioning well and able to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Taking a few simple steps to avoid winter roofing problems before the cold weather sets in will help your roof withstand the coming storms, and give you confidence that your home will remain safe and dry in the coming months.

Check Your Roofline  

The first step you should take when you begin preparing your roof for winter is to look at your roofline. Your roof lines should be straight, so any signs of dipping, curving, or sagging are signs that you need to investigate. A sagging roofline can be caused by framing issues or by a saturated roof deck. 

During the winter season, roofs are exposed to heavy rain and snowfall that can stress the roof, worsen sagging, and even lead to a cave-in. A sagging roof isn’t an immediate cause of concern on its own and is most likely structurally okay. But if it is accompanied by a leak or other signs of deterioration, a repair may be necessary.

Check Chimney Flashing For Leaks  

The next place you’ll want to inspect is the chimney. Chimney flashing is the strip of metal that seals the intersection of the chimney and your roof, and is one of the most common spots for roof leaks to develop. Leaky flashing can often be mistaken for a leaky roof.

Check to make sure your flashing doesn’t appear to be loose or damaged, and that the caulk holding it in place hasn’t cracked or deteriorated. Also make sure to look for any signs of water intrusion near the chimney.

Check The Attic For Signs Of Water Damage

Once you’ve checked on your chimney, head up to your attic, because in many cases, the first signs of a leaky roof can be seen there. Signs of a leak include water spots on the walls, wet roof decking, and puddles of water on the attic floor. If you discover any evidence of water damage in your roofing system, schedule a professional roof inspection so that you can get your roof back into top condition before the winter storms arrive.

Remove Debris 

After you inspect your roof, you should move into the cleaning phase. It is common for leaves, twigs, and other debris to accumulate on your roof during the fall season, but if that debris is left on your roof all winter, the piles will become waterlogged, leaving your roof susceptible to water damage beneath the soggy mess. You can safely remove the debris with a leaf blower, or with your hands. (Continued)

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