Make Sure To Keep Your Roof Ready For The Winter

Winter is the most trying period for many Clinton Township, MI homes because of the possible damages it can bring to properties. Snow's weight can bear extra pressure that can cause damages to your roof. Plus, it can cause ice dams to form over your property. To make sure you have a roof that's ready for winter, take note of the following areas.

Ice Dams

There are a few ways to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. For example, you can install a drip edge, use a snow rake, or use an attic fan. Another way to prevent ice dams is to use a secondary air source when you are not at home.

Ice dams can cause structural damages because of their weight. Also, heavy amounts of standing water can lead to rotting and molding your roof and attic.


You can fix leaks on your roof by using a fiberglass sealant. You can then apply the sealant to the leak and the roof and dry it. Once it is dry, you can then patch up the hole with a new plywood or similar material.

Leaky roofs can cause a variety of problems during the winter. Cool air leaking in through the ceiling can cause a layer of ice on the roof to form, which will quickly melt and create a slippery surface. This can lead to falls and injuries and damage to the roof. This can also lead to condensation, which can cause damage to walls and other surfaces in the building.


Fix damage flashing before winter using tapes, sand, files, and using silicon fillers to fill them out. Here

You can use the following steps:

1) Tape off the area and remove the damaged flashing

2) Sand the area, then re-install the damaged flashing

3) Fill in any gaps around the new flashing with spackle

4) Paint

Faulty flashing can lead to a variety of problems during the winter. The most commonly seen problem is ice damming, a common issue in cold climates. An ice dam is formed when melted snow freezes near a roof.

For example, roof chimneys and roofing tiles increase the chances of having a blocked airflow, leading to a buildup of ice and snow near the roof. 


Sagging roofs can be fixed by adding more layers of roofing material, more support for the roof, or more insulation.

Various things can cause damage to the roofing, but the most common is when snow or ice is weighed down on the roof. This weight causes the roof to sag, which can cause damage to the roofing material and the building it is attached to.


A stray tree branch that is too heavy to stay in the tree but too light to fall on the ground can end up resting on a flat roof. When the branch falls, it may cause damage to the roof.

During the winter, a tree branch can get too heavy and fall off of its tree. If this happens, it will land on the roof and damage it. This is why you'll need to remove these branches with the help of professional Clinton Township, MI roofers.

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