Is There Such a Thing as a Minor Roof Damage?

With a roof, a home is protected from rain and snow. A roof is important for a home because it helps keeps the house dry and with comfortable temperatures. Over time, your roof will suffer from natural wear and tear, which means if a strong storm passes through, it can get much more severely damaged than brand new ones. For this reason, you may ask: Is there such a thing as a minor roof damage?

A minor roofing damage is when there is a small amount of missing shingles, a hole in the roof, or worn out spots on the roof. For example, the roof is not damaged enough for a full replacement, but it is not structurally sound enough for the homeowner to live in it.

Minor roofing damage can be fixed by caulking around the edges of the hole and re-shingling. This can be done by professionals or by anyone with experience, but it is important to know how to fix roofing damage in order to avoid additional problems in the future.

Now, what do we consider as major roofing damages?

Major roofing damages are those that affect the roof's structural integrity and can cause leaks and roofing to fall off. Some examples of major roofing damages are: a broken water pipe, a tree falling on the roof, and faulty insulation.

Roofers repair major roofing damages by replacing the damaged roofing material, repairing the damaged roofing material, using a metal safety belt to secure the faulty rafters, and removing or securing the damaged rafters.

In short, there are both minor and major roofing damages with the latter in need of a full roofing replacement than the former.

NV Roofs has a great post about how you can DIY repair the most minor roofing damages. However, we highly recommend you read this for reference instead of following the instruction to the dot because it’s best to trust a reliable Clinton Township, MI roofer to help you with all your needs.

Types of Roof Repair

There are several factors that go into roof repair. Before you take on a DIY roof repair job, keep in mind that not every problem is as straightforward as it seems. What may seem like a simple job of replacing a few shingles could be just patching and disguising a more invasive problem that needs professional help. If you aren’t sure that what you are tackling is the full extent of the problem, make sure you call for a free professional inspection and quote before you begin the DIY roof repair project.

Shingle Replacement

If you just have a few missing or damaged shingles, and the problem is localized to one area of the roof, it may be possible to just replace those few shingles. The key is to find new shingles that match the ones on your roof both in style and in color. Patches can be very obvious if they aren’t matched correctly, and this can detract from curb appeal, potentially losing the confidence of new buyers.

You’ll want to remove the old shingles completely and potentially the ones surrounding them if they’re also loose. Use a combination of adhesives made for those shingles and nails to secure them in place.

Partial Reroofing

A partial reroofing involves the removal of all the shingles on an area of the roof, and the replacement of new ones. Occasionally, it can also mean just layering on new shingles over the entire area. This makes patches less obvious if you were unable to get an exact match to what’s already on the roof. (Continue reading here to learn more)

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